Dietary Analysis

Ever wonder if your diet is providing all of the receommended amounts of vitamins and minerals your body needs for overall good health? Do friends and family ever tell you your lacking iron or vitamin B12 or that you’re not getting enough zinc or Vitamin C? Or perhaps you’re concerned that your training diet is lacking in protein or carbohydrate to properly fuel your exercise sessions. Let Nutrition in Action’s easy to read Computerized Diet Analysis program answer all of your questions and whether you are meeting your daily recommended nutrient intakes.  Here's how this nutrition program works: 


Your first consultation with Angela: 
During this initial 50-minute meeting, Angela will conduct a detailed diet history in order to learn more about your daily eating habits, activity, portion sizes and food preferences. She'll also ask about your risk factors for disease, lifestyle, medications, and nutrition supplement use.  

Angela will provide you with a username and password whereby you can enter a 3-day food record, detailing the foods and amounts you have eaten over a 2 week day and one weekend day period into our diet analysis system. Based on this information, Angela then prepares your computerized diet analysis reports for your subsequent follow up appointment


Your second 30-minute consultation: 
This visit is scheduled for one week after your first appointment and after you have completed your food records on line
(download food records and assessment forms here). 

During this meeting Angela will review your Computerized Diet Analysis reports with you, including: 

  • Your Daily Nutrient Intake Report outlines what nutrients, and how much of each, you are consuming each day.  Calories, protein, carbohydrate, fat, saturated fat, polyunsaturated fat, monounsaturated fat, dietary fibre and all vitamins and minerals are analyzed. 
  • Your Daily Nutrient Intake vs. Daily Recommended Intake Report tells you whether or not you're meeting your recommended nutrient intakes for calories, protein, carbohydrate, fat, fibre and all vitamins and minerals. Your daily nutrient intake will be compared to recommendations for weight maintenance, weight loss or weight gain, depending on your specific goals. 

Based on your results, Angela will give you dietary strategies to improve your nutrition intake to help you reach your daily targets.

Additional follow up visits:  These follow-up visits are provided to continue to support you, provide accountability and allow for ongoing nutrition education. Depending on your goals - and the dietary modifications that are recommended - follow-up visits may be scheduled weekly, bi weekly or monthly.  This may be the case if you have not yet achieved your ultimate goal and would like to be contiuously monitored by Nutrition in Action. Or perhaps you have achieved your goals and just want to keep updated on the latest nutrition information related to your situation to keep you stepping in the right direction! Additional follow-up visits are sold in packages of five.

Check your medical plan and provider as many companies are now covering certain nutrition services!